Digital Learning System

Junior Champs always try to bring the new technology by the new ways of spreading the technologies.Junior Champs has fully equiped with Digital Learning System in all its branches.Junior Champs is the only preschool chain in the country with “Digital Learning System”. Our Digital Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that has opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as Talking Books with Pen,Smart Touch Panels, Projectors, Computers, specially designed software, “Touch and Learn” technology and audio/visual capabilities.

Junior Champs Play School & Daycare centres are fully equiped with LIVE CCTV Surrviance & provides the onlince CCTV feeds on mobile phone to their parents.Junior Champs Play School & Daycare is the first  preschool & daycare chain who is providing the onlince CCTV feeds on mobile phone to their parents.That's why Junior Champs is the most advanced, trusted & secure playschool & daycare centers in India.