We at JUNIOR CHAMPS bring innovative way of spreading education through the technology. We treat“Every child matters in Junior Champs. Junior Champs is one of the trusted and best preschool in India."We make each child's first step in schooling a journey where fun and learning, traditions and trends go hand in hand. The first steps of child need more understanding, Love and caring rather than knowledge. Every tool need softy and clean environment for all round development in core areas such as physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially.We encourages for natural growth and development. To develop lots speaking skill we also provide many cognitive experiences with positive reinforcement.

Junior Champs academic curriculum is multi- skill based approach and integrating with theme, activities & digital learning system. Our teaching approach favors learning through play. Kids who prefer to learn through hands-on interactions are better suited for the developmental, Blending the two approaches time for social engagement and physical engagement with peers through play, and all kids to nurture literacy skills in preparation for kindergarten. To nurture reading and recognition skills, teachers read many stories each day with children. Through these stories, children learn many of the conventions of written language, use picture clues, and play accepted that young children are fully capable of learning to read, add, subtract, and use organized analysis to solve problems.