We can simply say that Junior Champs Preschool is the best preschool in India who is fully dedicated towards early childhood education in India.It is the first step towards learning & success.That is helping the bright future of our junior champs by providing the early childhood education that is important for the children overall development.

Junior Champs Preschool is one of the India's Premium Pre School Chain.Junior Champs Preschool is the most advanced, energetic, trusted,vibrant  and innovative play school in India where each one of us strives though practice to whole heartedly serve children and make every part of learning meaningful, effective and joyful event. we are working  towards developing the potential of individual child believing that every child is unique.

Preschool has been opened just with an aim to upgrade and extract extra ordinary capabilities of our precious pearls who is going to form an ideal society eventually Junior Champs Play School is dedicated to develop the emotional ,social and physical growth of students.

Junior Champs Preschool is the first play school in India who started online CCTV feed on Mobile Phones(Android/IOS) to parents.Junior Champs Preschool is the most secured and trusted preschool in India.

The Junior Champs Preschool is well known as play school, dedicated to the provision of challenging, learning environment that is child centered and well balanced. Our aim is to develop the "Complete Child " to the fullness of his or her potential.

Junior Champs Preschool provides the strong foundation for children to make the most of their abilities and explore their talent as they grow. Our preschool's programs are based upon planned structure and unstructurd play experiences that explore skills and stimulate their curious minds.