Our Vision

Our Vision

If you want your child to develop their verbal,creative & academic skills at early stage, JUNIOR CHAMPS is the right place to start with.We will explain you in person what we have planned for kids.

The Vision that guides Junior Champs:

"Only successful learners will make a better tomorrow"

Junior Champs works to make children  successful learners who will live a healthy & wealthy life

We at JUNIOR CHAMPS PLAY SCHOOL,  Where our children encourage and inspire provide children with a happy, safe and nurturing environment where we inspire to foster total development individualized to your child's needs. We offer a broad range of educational opportunities and provide experiences that enrich each child's social, emotional, physical, intellectual, cognitive and creative abilities. We aim to instill morals and values to enable each child to continue through school with the necessary skills to promote life-long learning. We advocate a sense of belonging and strive to develop self esteem through; fun, love, respect, teamwork and equality.
To achieve our vision, we believe:
    All children are having different strength and weakness we need to discover only.
    All children are capable of learning and have individual needs, skills, and talents.
    Children learn best in a setting that reflects the diversity of the community.
    Children learn best as active participants in co-operative, play-based experiences.
    Children learn best through experiences that enhance their self-esteem, help them make choices, and develop competencies.
    The sharing of diverse points of view and the encouragement of risk-taking will generate new ideas.